If this is your first visit to Ecuador, or even South America, getting to your paradisal getaway may seem a bit daunting at first, but it's really quite easy. The simplest way of getting to Bahía is to fly into Quito (likely connecting in either Miami or Bogota), and then take a 40 minute flight from Quito to Manta. There is daily service for both legs, so you should have no problem finding flights. From Manta, you can either rent a car or hire a taxi (average cost is around $40, or less with a bit of negotiation!), and enjoy a beautiful 75 minute drive along Ecuador's coast to Bahía. If you're feeling adventurous, there is also a bus service from Manta to Bahía which will take 3.5 hours; though be prepared for regular stops and endless Spanish remixes of North American pop songs. We're happy to arrange transportation from Manta to Bahía, just let us know when you book your stay with us (see Additional Services).

If you're coming from within Ecuador, taking a bus is probably your best (and cheapest!) option. From our experience, the best company to travel with is Reina del Camino (in fact it's the only option when travelling from Quito) which offers service multiple times daily from most major Ecuadorian cities. You will often have the option to take an "executive" bus as opposed to the regular service for just a dollar more. We highly recommend this option as the executive service is both more comfortable and safer than the regular service.

Some important things to note are that security can be high on these busses, so you may get frisked before boarding or asked open your carry-on bag for them. Also, some busses will have music playing, so be sure to bring ear plugs if you're keen on a quiet journey. Be sure to bring snacks and drinks for the ride.

For up to date schedules, http://www.ecuadorschedules.com/ is probably your best bet.

Quito Service

From Quito there are two executive services leaving from the Bus Terminal (Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe)daily at 11pm and 12am. The ride will take about 7-8 hours and should be comfortable enough to allow you to get some rest. The regular service runs at 10:30am and 11:30pm. If you take the day bus, be sure to get a seat on the right hand side as the views of the mountains are stunning.

Guayaquil Service

From Guayaquil, the trip will take about 5-6 hours starting from the Bus Terminal. The executive service runs regularly, so you should have no problem finding a service that suits your schedule.